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spoking wheels


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i'm spoking up my wheels and wondering whether its wise to do the final tightening using a torque wrench on the end of the nipples.
i'm using 10 gauge spokes and stainless rims all is new and thinking about it this would be the best way to ensure they all the same tension.
whats other peoples thoughts? and /or suggested torques?


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http://agwalker.com/wheelbuilding.html Have a look at this site jellywrestler,just use a spoke key and set up some sort of an indicator such as a dial indicator on the edge and rim take your time and use your skill to feel when the tension is the same or roughly the same ,when it is the wheel will be true its not rocket science,just take it slow,when its done trim off the spokes prior to fitting the rim tapes. alan


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My advice would be don't bother, use 'feel'. But don't forget, the nipples are probably brass. I use a copper-slip on the threads. Besides, what is the correct torque reading - who knows? When tight the spokes should give a nice deep 'ring' noise - all the same, when flicked with a finger-nail or a thin piece of brass rod.

You might like to have a quick look at my article on Vincent wheel-building in Oct 2007 MPH. It might help you identify a couple of possible pitfalls associated with using modern stainless spokes.


Peter B


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Spoke Tensioning

G'Day Jellywrestler,
I too have oft thought of tensioning the spokes. If you a compulsive tinkerer also like me then you will probably make a fitting for a pounds/inch tension wrench and do it. Also as mentioned, do coat the threads of the spokes with copper slip or never seize. This aids doing them up and decades later they will come apart easily for your next restoration. For stailess spokes its a must.

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