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Spoke length question


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Howdy folks.

I am seeking information on spoke length for a rear touring twin. This is a WM3-18 rim. Can any of you fine people advise me as to the length I'm needing?

Thanks much,



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From memory, the early Vincent Spares Lists with gold covers [ pre-Harper Engines ] included spoke lengths to 1/64 inch.
BUT I don't think they specified exactly what was meant by "length".
Maybe a table for Vincent wheels is published somewhere?

One error to avoid is measuring overall length of the old spokes as a basis for ordering new spokes.
These have often been shortened to remove some projecting thread after fitting.

Dean Grace

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OK it's been a little while since I asked a question so here we go :D

I actually asked this in the "Spoke patterns" thread in technical but so far no response; so I thought I might put it up here:

Spoke lengths for 19" front Borrani rim And 18" Rear Borrani rim....I got the following lengths for 4 cross pattern:

"8swg x 85/8" (219mm) for the front and 8swg x 85/16" (211.2mm) for the rear"

From the a-fore mentioned thread but am just looking for confirmation before I go cutting and rolling spokes.
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