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Speedo gearbox (brake plate)

Hugo Myatt

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VOC Member
After 45 years of apparent contentment the endplate - the one with the grease nipple - on my Rapide speedo gearbox has jumped ship. I don't know when this happened. I only noticed it when I came to check the front tyre pressure. If anyone has one of these they can sell me I should be most grateful or if they can point me in the right direction to obtain one. I don't know why it jumped ship. The gearbox has worked perfectly with the odd splodge of grease for the aforementioned 45 years. Having never had cause to dismantle the gearbox I am a bit ignorant as to its workings. The other end plate is secured with a split pin. The grease nipple plate is 'staked'. This seems odd as there is no inner shoulder for it to bear on and I am not sure how this Staking was supposed to work exactly or what clearance there should be. Any information gratefully received.



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I lost my rev counter innards the same way - now you see it, now you don't!!

Apparently it's a common problem, there ought to be a supply of innards somewhere, but I haven't found it, the rare suppliers left want to sell the whole lot.

http://velobanjogent.blogspot.co.uk/ This guy tells a good tale on the internet, but I haven't had a reply from him, you could try your luck.



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Dennis is now semi retired as far as speedos go. He sold his business (KTT) several years ago but kept a small stash of rare bits. The speedo drives were all sold off and Dennis will now only does work on the exotic stuff or friend's bits. I had a speedo drive do the same thing a couple of years ago and had it repaired by Tim Thearle who took over part of Dennis' business.


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that end plate is probably common on most smiths speedos its the gears etc that are different
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