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speedo angle drive clarification


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I recently had my Shadow speedo rebuilt by Joel Levine in Atlanta. When i got the bike it did not have a right angle drive which creates an awkward cable run. He told me that my speedo has a different movement than the standard shadow movement. He said the standard right angle drive CLAMPS on the output of the movement which is smooth, whereas i have a threaded output that the cable screws right into. I tried buying a piece like the one pictured below but there is not enough room for it to fit due to the "ledge" right next to the output of the movement. Does anyone know what i need and where i can get it?



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Hello, your speedo man is correct, there are two kinds of shadow chronomtric clocks . The early ones had the right angle
drive that is part of the speedo.
The gear boxin your photo looks like the one from the later speedo, and I would have expected it to fit, perhaps the case is an
repro item.
The gearboxes are a often a cause of broken cables, and on my machine I have moved the clock to right to give a better run
to the cable,without the gearbox. Regards John.


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Here are the two that the Shadow clock could have been despatched with.


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My understanding is that there are three Smiths speedos that were issued for 5" Vincent service.
1) early can type found on the very earliest Shadows, I don't know data.
2) S.515 for standard service, maybe 48-50
3) S.576/L for 1951 thru 54

As time went on and the demand became moneyed,................. beautiful, accurate aftermarket cases were cast and chronometric mechanism out of other models were inserted into these nice new cases, a face from a 576 was duplicated and many of these 5" are in service now as well.

I think your question was "what can I do/purchase with what I have to get to a reasonable 5" angle drive"?
Can anyone relate to this unusual for 5" drive stub (which looks like a standard 433 stub) and provide an answer...........hopefully with photos or links?
The drive above on the left is an adapter for a S.515, to my knowledge. here is the back of a S.515


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This post is a combination test of linking to photobucket files in the "new" version of the Forum, and a question. For some years I've had three angle drives of unknown origin in my box of Chronometric spares. Does anyone know what they might be from? The threads on each end are 3/4" (I didn't measure the pitch, but easily could if that makes a difference), which is much too large for a Smiths unit.

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