South West Section,Dartmoor Camping Weekend.

Tracey Tilley

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A big thank you to the South West Section for the Rally.

It was a lovely area, good site and the barbeque and cakes excellent. Photos are being edited and will be up soon.

Keep up the good work :D


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Thanks Tracey,

I'm glad you enjoyed it despite our failure to book the correct weather. We did manage a wide variety of the wrong kinds, although there was a little bit of sunshine on the Saturday.
I will relay, and echo, your thanks to Richard Gardiner who did virtually all of the organisation as well as the manning the barbeque with Alison, and to Dai Davies (although you set up his forum access so he can now read it for himself) and Dorothy who with Judy, Bernie Draper's lady provided the other comestibles. I hope that Dai continues with his eightieth birthday celebrations for the rest of the rally season so that he will be in practice for eighty-first birthday celebrations at all rallies next year.

Thank you all for coming.