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Some Vincent and LSR content


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Hi all, I have almost finished reading a number of books by an English born Australian called Paul Carter and wanted to share a funny portion of one of his books with you all, Paul is, or was, a "Rig Pig"….a guy who has worked for many years on land and ocean based oil rigs from Afghanistan to Nigeria and tells some incredibly funny stories about the trials andtribulations of such work.
Pauls mother left his father in the UK when Paul was quite young and therefore he knows very little about him, during his escapades on the rigs Paul decides to catch up with his father, during their time together his father tells him some very funny stories about his life in the RAF.
In Pauls latest book "Ride like hell and you'll get there" Paul is sitting with a friend and a guy called Jethro discussing his upcoming attempt on the Land Speed Record for a bike running on Bio Fuel and the conversation changes to:

"Christiaan tells me your father was a RAF Navigator" Jethro was sitting next to me looking relaxed.
"He was mate, 11 Squadron for a long time" I replied.
Jethro's eyebrows raised. "I was based with 11Squadron, bit after his time though"
"Well it would have been in the 60's. Dad was in Javelins, I believe"
He smiled. "Wonderful aircraft. So he was a bike nut too?"
I laughed "Mad for them , nearly cost him dearly,though"
I went on, " He got smashed in the Officers' mess one day and on a dare tried to ride his bike right through the bar…."
Jethro sat forward, his face lit up and to my complete surprise finished the story off. "He rode up the steps to the entrance, paused on the nice clean red carpet that ran the entire length of the hall ,dropped the clutch and sat there pissed while the long red carpet was hurtled out the door under the spinning wheel. He runs out of carpet, the back wheel hits the floorboards, flipping his Vincent Black Shadow up into a trophy cabinet, then burst into flames and the whole f#ckin' place nearly goes up ….your dad is a legend"
"You know, that bike is mounted on the wall behind the bar now. I used to stand there with a pint looking at it"

A short time later in the book Jethro returns with a photo of the bike behind the bar.

Pauls' other books
Don't tell mum I work on the rigs, She thinks I am a piano player in a whore house
This is not a Drill
Is that thing a Diesel? (He rides around Australia on a Diesel bike running on bio diesel)

david bowen

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Ken Follett, Book Jackdaws, Flick Lady English Spy dropped in France last war,, transport in UK 1938 Vincent HRD Comet rides the Bike from Tempsford Bedfordshire to see her mother in Southampton, did a check on Ken Follett his wife was the MP for Stevenage where they still live, To Carlm I only hope when you are 80, you can type like this, happy Christmas
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