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Some thing else to be aware of


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Saw this on IKBA forum and VMCC the law of unintended consequences is in full swing doesn't anyone in the EU peruse these laws for problems?

Posted by CrazyFrog on May 22, 2019, 8:48 am
"Thanks to our Data Protection (GDPR) rules there is a new eBay scam which is almost impossible to spot.

The seller offers a high value imaginary item for sale. The hapless buyer presses the button to buy the item and the seller sends a tin of bins (or a potato or something) with Yodel to their own address, or the address of an accomplice. They then provide eBay with the tracking number they have obtained from Yodel saying it's for your delivery. You then wait in all day and nothing arrives and then find that the tracking info says the parcel has been delivered. When you query this with Yodel they will only say the delivery name and address don't match yours.

If you raise a 'non delivery' case with eBay, they say they need written proof from Yodel that the parcel was not delivered to you. You contact Yodel who say they can't do this because of GDPR, ie it's not your name and address on the parcel so they refuse to talk to you. If you ask eBay to talk to Yodel on your behalf, they will refuse to talk to eBay for the same reason. Gotcha, catch 22. I have provided eBay with 2 screen dumps of web chat's I've had with Yodel in which they confirm that the item didn't have my name and address on it, and also an email trail in which Yodel say the same thing, but eBay will only accept a letter on headed paper from Yodel, which is impossible to get.

I have appealed this to the highest level I can in eBay, pointing out that 12 other buyers of the same item have posted negative feedback saying it's a scam. You have to be quick to see this negative feedback, since eBay usually remove it as soon as the case is decided in the sellers favour, which it always will be as he has provided tracking info for the delivery. As it stands at the moment eBay have taken the side of the criminal who's account is still active, and decided against 12 honest innocent victims of this fraud.

Let me repeat this - the eBay money back guarantee is worthless in this situation.

The scam is impossible to spot as the seller will have 100% positive feedback, and will probably have an array of similar items for sale too if he's clever.

Be warned and be very, very careful"


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Interesting. I know that the data protection rule for the UK & EU are different than here in the U.S. But I know that when I have purchased stuff on evilbay it has to go to a registered address I have with paypal. To avoid excessive shipping charges that evilbay applies to things being sent to the US from the UK I have it sent to my aunt's address which is one of three I have used. My point being is when it is shipped and the tracking number is provided to evilbay I get a notice and the tracking number sent to me. Once I have that number I access it and see where in the process/world my item is and also what address its final destination should be. I would suggest that if buying an item where you might be concerned with fraud I would start an message thread through evilbay to the "seller" asking them to provide the tracking number. If the "seller" doesn't you can approach evilbay with "I requested the tracking number to confirm the parcel delivery progress but the seller failed to provide it. Therefore it has not been delivered. Prove otherwise. You, Evilbay, have the tracking number review the information and compare to my registered address(es)." These thieves, and that's what they are make no mistake, ruin everything. Eventually evilbay's already poor reputation will drop to the point that it will fail.