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Sold state AVC


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The instruction sheet which came with my recently acquired solid state voltage regulator relates to a Lucas dynamo, and mine is a Miller D6, so I need help.
1. There are two holes in the non-metal end of the dynamo under the end-cover. A pair of wires comes out of each hole. I assume one pair are the ends of the field coil which activates the electromagnet. What are the other pair and which pair is which?

2. Wires "A" and "E" from the regulator connect to the ammeter and to earth - so far so good. To which of the terminals under the dynamo end cover do the wires "F" and "D" from the regulator connect?



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What solid state regulator do you have? Most will only work with Lucas dynamo's and to use them on Miller ones you have to rewire the miller as per Stevens Mod in know thy Beast.John


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Many thanks. I wish I had been told this by the person who sold me the AVC.

Don't panic. I haven't had a Miller for a long time, but I don't remember the conversion being difficult.



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Howdy sir,

Pictured below is a 6V neg ground PODtronics fitted to my D6, (click here and scan down to Electronic Regulator for explanation) it is as straightforward a conversion as performed with an E3L. If you haven't already, probably a good idea to verify you have a simple single field coil (I have a spare D6 that has 2 pairs of field coil wires). If so, conventional electronic regulators have the following - this using POD's wiring colors:

output wire to ammeter (red)
ground wire to generator body/chassis (black)
armature wire (yellow)
field coil wire (green)

At the end of the day you are looking to have one end of your field coil joined to the armature brush which in turn exits the generator to the yellow. The other field coild wire connected to the green wire. To ensure your polarity is correct and the generator turning clockwise when viewed from the drive end, good idea to bench test. On a negative earth system attach field coil wire paired with armature wire to battery positive and ground wire from genie case and other end of field coil to battery negative. It should motor about 100rpm without any notchiness (indicates open segments on your commutator)

Now equiped with accurate voltage regulation you can take advantage of modern battery technology in the form of fitting at AGM. Specs for that at my site link above. Good luck.

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