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Having Decided To Make A New Wiring Loom For My Grey Flash Replica
I Followed The Diagram In Richardsons Book Page 135

All Went Well Until I Reached The Dynamo And Regulator - According To Richardson There Are 3 Cables Coming From The Regulator And 3 Connection Points In The Dynamo

Unfortunately My Regulator Has 4 Cables And Only Two Connection
Points On The Dynamo

I Have Now Ground To A Sudden Halt - Can Anybody Help - This Is All
That Is Stopping Me Going Out For A Ride

Thanks In Anticipation

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Dynamo wiring

It's actually quite simple. From the dynamo you should have F and D Field wire and Dynamo output wire. Then after your regulator you will have Power out and Ground. now depending upon your config (Neg or Pos earth) the wiring inside of the dynamo will be one side of the commutaor and one side of the field to earth, the others will go out to your reg. If I remember correctly there is the necessary info on the tech section for checking your dynamo wiring.