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Hi Guys
I have just aquired a sidecar for a minimal amount of money and want to put it on my comet - Bob Dunn bored /stroked engine. I have attached photos and i am lucky enough to have two local friends who are really into sidecars both of whom are willing to help me set it up. I do have a couple of questions though:
1. Can anybody identify the model - I believe it is a Watsonian make

2. It was on a Royal Enfield - Do I need any special fittings for the Comet

Thanks very much for any help



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Velorex sidecar

Hi Mick,
What you have there is a Velorex sidecar as sold by F2 motorcycles.
The fittings are metric with 12mm male blades and with 12mm holes through them. The female clevises have a 12mm slot in them. 90% of English sidecars had imperial fittings all with 7/16th inch dimensions. You have a problem! You will have to alter most, if not all of the fittings to one or the other. The lower rear fitting should be as rigid as possible, going to the triangle on the nearside pillion plate. It should be attached to the chassis as far back as possible. The lower front should be attached to a 5/8" bar through the engine plates. The two upper stays fit to a stepped shaft through the UFM at the front, whch should ideally be fitted to a swan neck with it's attendant drop lug, and to a 5/8" shaft and eye bolt to the lower hole in the UFM at the rear. If you care to reach either me or Dave Johnson, we can supply you with all the info you will need, although I suspect that I've a few more drawings for this conversion than I,ve let on.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again, why oh why do you lot out there not ask for help before you commit yourselves. I know a fair bit about sidecars and blooming fibreglass, and if approached, will always give free!!! advice.
Rant Over!
Sidecarrist for 45 years and professional fibreglass bod for eighteen years. OK.


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Hi Phil
I knew it was too good to be true. It was one of those things but having said that the bloke i got it off said he wants it back if i do decide to sell and i know two other people who were after it. The guy is an engineer and did say he would fabricate any fittings i needed in stainless. The next stage is to look at some drawings and see what i have got. Would it be possible to let me have a quick dekko at said drawings and i can make a decision from there as to wether it will be worth doing anything or just passing it on unless you know of anyone who has already done the work.
Sorry i didnt ask and i appreciate any help you can give me




Your sidecar

Hello Mick,
I'll need a couple of days to root out drawings etc. and then I'll send 'em up to you. The upper two fittings could still use the Velorex adjustable stays providing that you use 5/8" bolts through the the bike lugs, and wind on some 12mm bladed eye nuts, tapped say, unf.
The sidecar needs two tubes welded to it at right angles to the chassis, at the front and rear, preferably 38mm o/d to take some Watsonian type fittings. I will send you some pics of the sort of set up you need.
Sorry about the rant. My kitchen ceiling has just decended onto my head. We've had a bit o' rain and wind down 'ere, causing some damage. There goes my reverse trike money. Happy Days, eh.
Cheers, Phil