Side stands: an improvement


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Howdy chaps,

Between reviewing the photo archives here of various rallies wherein one sees many heavily laden machines hoisted onto various center stand configurations to avoid leaning said machine over on the more procarious perch of a sidestand on soft earth, and some photos of late wherein small stands are affixed to the back to the left hand foot rest plate, figured I'm mention this one. Most have probably seen Micheal Breeding's version at his site here but not in use.

It is provided with an extra long shaft and the foot unattached for the owner to cut to the length perfectly suiting their application and has plenty of range of accomodation. This is a 20/19 with the rear suspension adjusted to the lowest setting. Though his site mentions heating/bending the arm, might I suggest a better approach to avoid disturbing fulcrum relationships, especially in the deployed position. With plenty of casting material/strength, one can grind the boss's where they abutt the F118 to achieve the desired degree of sweep range. One can also affix the foot slightly tilted to the rear which both provides more ground clearance in the retracted position but also requires the machine to rise slightly - or wieght jack itself - if it attempts to roll off the deployed stand.

This stand not only preserves stock appearance, but makes for a more stable "tripod" with its added length.


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Alan J

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side stands

Wow!! it's like reading a dictionary-looks like it solves the problem, Guzzi's and H------s have made some good side stands-I solved the problem of me "Vin" falling over, by fitting a sidecar!!:D:D:D:D{After thought-I added an inch ali block to the bottom of my side stands- doesn't look too bad-and it's cheap!! sorry-25m.m!!


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Howdy Alan J,

I have two examples of the latter and their sidestand is the indestructible standard by which vintage heavy weight machine's legs are measured. Even Indian who distanced themselves from HD by using unique fasteners conceded and moved their side stand from aft of the motor - where our foot rest plate resides - to in front in 1948 and used a longer leg resulting in shallower angle of deployment and less loading of the foot.

If you look closely at the North American Rally site here, you can just barely make out a block on the sidestand of my Red Rap. It has 1.5 inches cut off a rubber mallet head anchored to it and only a marginal, if not nerve wracking, success. Besides being a bit springy, the stand is still too short and tripod effect bit unstable.

After a decade of that...and some close calls, was relieved to discover this.
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side stand

I made a few side stands for myself and a few friends and sold off the excess ones a few years ago. I think it was at a bike meet at Mid Ohio. At 19 stone
I needed to make it strong! I did. Facing forward, I can stand on the left foot peg with my right foot and holding the handlebar with my right hand reaching out with my left leg and left arm, form a big X with my body and not put a bend in the stand.
Ken Smith



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Howdy MrKen,

As a fellow yank, yours appears to share some heritage with the stand that saved we /2 owners from continually hoisting our upended machines from the pavement - the Flanders - still have two in the attic as momentos along with some handlebars and other trinkets....all well made.