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Side Car


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Chapter XI of Richardson's book shows a Blacknell chassis with Vincent fittings.
My shadow was originally bought, directly from Vincent's, by Blacknell, presumably so they could design a sidecar for it.
Steib and Wessex sidecars both seem to be ideally suited although, as Ogri says, a Vincent twin will pull any sidecar.


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Hi. There are also some modern sidecars that look period, though are not cheap. Watsonian/Squire make a GP that looks a bit like a Steib. New repro Steibs are available from Germany, again not cheap. There is also one based on WW2 drop tank which looks period, possibly made by Charnwood. Hedingham are still in business and make nice single seaters. I will try and get some more info when we get home. I have Wessex sidecars made in the 50's but do not come up very often, and usually need restoring. Keep an eye on eBay, there are often older ones on there.


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There are a couple of sidecars for sale here.
[h=1]Penrith Farmers' & Kidd's - Antiques and Collectors’ Items[/h]
  • Auction House: Penrith Farmers' & Kidd's
  • Date: 10:00, Wednesday 14 August 2013
  • Location: The Skirsgill Saleroom, Agricultural Hall, Skirsgill, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 0DN, Great Britain
  • I just came across them browsing for something else.

Joe Vincent

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Hello, I have a period sidecar in my garage - dry stored and not likely to be used by myself.
I can't recall the name but if you are interested I will send a photo.
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