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I bought a Wessex sidecar which had been fitted to a Vincent in the past. I have now just got round to trying to fit it to my Comet. The top two fitting are straight forward and obvious. The lower ones are causing me problems.
The rear one obviously fits to the pillion footrest support plate. Pic 1 (img_0374)

IMG_0374.jpg IMG_0377.jpg IMG_0373.jpg
The front one I cannot see where it fits to the Stand support.Pic 2& 3


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Hello Willie, lower back fitting I think needs a triangular plate if it fits the same as a twin. This fixes
on the RFM 1/2" stud . You will need to adapt the fitting.
Lower front needs a 5/8" stud through the side stand pivot,
If this sidecar is off a twin the fitting pick up points will be in a different positions on a Comet.
I am just down the road from you if you want to come and look at my outfit.


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There are 7 (seven) fittings
1.Rear S/car bottom to triangular plate
top to oil tank under rear spring mounting
bottom to oil tank mounting (diagonal)
1. Front S/car bottom to prop stand plates
top to steering head
bottom to sreering head (diagonal)
3. Triangular plate to front bottom mount (diagonal)
Note:- The triangular s/car mounting plates (as fitted to the centre section of the s/car body) will require bending to suit your prticular line up.
Use HT 5/16th aircraft quality bolts through out.


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What Robin says only applies to the seven original Wessex connections but the ones in the photos do not look like they are and only four or five may be all that is needed.