Short Top Link 2


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To rapcom.

Details of front fork geometry [ trail etc ] are given in

To gain access you need to join the group [ which is not a discussion forum, just a source of information ].

Then click on "Files" and go to "Front Wheel Axle Movement & Trail" then go to "Series C&D".

You can then find the data for the BMS short top link.

In my view, the short top link is more trouble than it is worth, as the reduction in trail compared with the normal Vincent forks in Sidecar position is quite small in the middle of the suspension movement, which is most of the time.
That is with standard front wheel/tyre.

Of course BMS was proud of his mod.

But then modifiers usually are proud of their babies, just like parents.

It is only when an independent reviewer tests the thing that you get an impartial view.

I was surprised to see VOC Shop selling a short top link, which is a significant change from the original design intent, bearing in mind the product liability aspect.


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Short top links are fantastic

When I raced a twin outfit in late 70s I used a standard top link, I found 6 laps of Winton in Victoria Australia and I was so tired I could barely ride back to the pits On going to UK in 1979 Ted Davis told me the secret use a short top link, I did and won virtually every race I entered effortlessly, My suggestion is listen to experience not some fool who makes rash comments on something he has not tried