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Shadow with exhaust stubs


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At the Severn Rally Tony thought his Shadow was blowing from the front heads. Now the engine is in bits he discovers that it is actually slits in the exhaust that have been fitted over stubs with pinch bolts that are blowing.
The exhaust & silencer need replacing anyway. Should he take the whole thing back to standard or get the slits welded up? If he keeps the stubs, how easy will it be to get new pipes?

dave g6xnc

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This is an old mod the idea is that it saves the problem of stripping the very fin threads in the exhaust ports and is easier to remove pipes especially in the "good old days of stripping atd's in the dark and rain on the m1!. They used to use an exhaust clamp from an ariel red huunter I belive. Personally I would stick with the stubs sounds like thev'e either come away from the head a liile bit or the slots are to long. Bit of exhaust sealent will cure the prob.
dave gs.