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Where Are You Now? Shadow KXH965


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Does anyone recognise this Shadow? The ex-owner in the photo now lives in NZ and would love to know what happened to his bike.


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Gene Nehring

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Hi Bill,

He showed me the photo at Pukekohe the past year and somewhere on the forum I posted about it. I don’t know him or his name so could never relay the information.

Hopefully others will pitch in. I’ll post a photo of it now.



A Nut

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The question asked above set me thinking. Back in 1972 or thereabouts. John Talboys asked for my help in locating a twin engine for his racing project. I had recently been in contact with Roger Slater regarding some of his racing brake plates and he said that he was in negotiations with Hillgate to dispose of all the engines he had acquired for his Shadow 70 project. John and I set out early one evening for Bromsgrove and when Roger opened the door of a shed behind his property we were confronted by so many twin engines we had to step on top of them to inspect them properly! No doubt Hillgates used some or all of them but there must be owners out there searching for long gone numbers from these broken bikes. From memory Roger was advertising for twin engines offering £100 for just the engine. If only! But not as good as the A Rapide I was once offered in Gloucester for £150. I considered it to be too expensive and too tatty at the time! Brian.

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