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Series D Rapide RTG88


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I bought a Series D Rapide RTG88 from Conway Motors in February 1967 and kept it for about a year and a half.During this time I kept Dolphin Motors in Sileby in more or less full time employment! It did manage to get me to the incredibly wet Dragon Rally in '67 - and back too! But it was simply costing too much in repairs and upkeep so I sold it on in 1968.
It is just possible that it is still running though a lot can happen in 40 years. I'd be glad of any further information about the Rapide.

Graham Smith

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Rtg 88


According to the Club records, RTG 88 was last heard of in Derbyshire in 1976, so I would imagine it is still in existence, but the owner's just not a Member of the VOC.


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Thanks for the replies.It wasn't red when I sold it on and the buyer (who owned a prosperous cycle business at the time) said he intended to restore it to original spec. So out with the Specialloids and MkII cams!
Presumably it's been through several hands since then. Not registered since 1988 doesn't sound promising but someone might find it in the back of a shed one day.


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At least it was registered up to 1988.People new what Vincents are worth.So it shouldn't be in the scrap yard like some of the Comets that were 'Worthless':rolleyes:
Not like the 2 twins I'm told were buried in a North London garden in the 60's:eek:. Shame he can't remember which garden:mad:
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