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series D distributor


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I would like to have a contactless distributor. I have an old 8 cyclinder american car and was able to get one for that but have had no luck in looking for one for the bike. The conversion for the car involves removing the points and condenser and replacing them with a sensor which bolts directly in place of the points. The device is triggered by a metal disc which is mounted on the rotor. The beauty of it is the everything looks standard but there are no points to wear and the rest of the ignition system (coil etc) remain the same. Anyone got any suggestions (polite ones that is ! ):D

Thanks Mac

Simon Dinsdale

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Contact less distributor

Hi Mac,

I fitted an Aldon Ignitor electronic ignition module to a Triumph GT6 car. This basically replaced the points and condensor with magnetic pickup module in the actual position of the points and just connected to the 12V ignition supply and coil. The unit continues to use the mechanical ditributor for the ignition advance curve and converts it to contactless operation. I've had no problems for 6 years and was very simple to install, but the kit I bought was specifically for the Triumph and was a straight bolt on. I'm not sure they do kits for motorbikes, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
There web site is http://www.aldonauto.co.uk/ or http://www.aldonauto.co.uk/aprods.htm#two
They are also known as petronix in the states.


Tom Gaynor

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D distributor

Francois Grosset's kit bolts straight on and as far as I know is a mechanical ATD (possibly Honda?) with some electronic trickery to create and time the spark. There's a version that will drive a tacho tongue drive direct from "the end nut" removing the need for any more elaborate drive mechanism. I have some pictures of the tacho and non-tacho versions (found them when looking for something else, as usual) and will send them if I get an email address. I replaced my Shadow mag with one and have never regretted it.

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