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Series D Distributor wanted because Boyer quit, again.

Tracey Tilley

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Help please,

After witnessing the demise of the Boyer box on Will Collard's bike in Belgium, Chris decided to test the spare we always carry.

It failed in France after less than 1000 miles.:(

I am posting it back to Boyer in the hope they will replace it. The original box is back on the bike.

That's the short term solution.

Long term, Chris wants to fit the D system. Modern electronics are just not reliable enough. ( unless you know different?)

Plus these Boyer boxes are £100 each. Expensive if you are continually replacing them. (Why are they failing? )

Can anyone sell us a distributor? or the whole kit?( Roy Price not selling them).

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John Appleton

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Any chance of elaborating, I have that set up on my Shadow, it would be nice to know when and what might pack up

Peter, my comment does not apply to every set-up. It is just that we bought one of the Price distributors some six years ago, and at that time the comment was made that distributor bodies for overhaul were becoming hard to come by. We then suffered a catalogue of quality issues with our unit and were never happy with the outcome. It is this that gave rise to my "not surprised" comment. If it is difficult to guarantee satisfaction, on what must be a tiny number of sales of a not very sophisticated unit, then it is better not to try to supply.
I have no wish to "slag off" the series D set-up, as I am know there are many satisfied users, and if you are happy with your system then it is right for you.


Peter Holmes

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Thanks for that information John, at the moment my Shadow is slumbering, for various reasons I find it easier to ride my Comet, it was just that the last thing I need is to have a failure on the road when I do start using it.

Len Matthews

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Roy Price no longer sells distributors because the supply of components has dried up, not because of defects. I have supplied and fitted several sets, both Twin and Single. Only once did a problem occur when the Distributor Cap tracked to earth and that was quickly replaced by Roy.
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