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Series 'A' Specific Series 'A' Silencers

Stanley chappell

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VOC Member
Can anyone inform me on the dimensions of Series 'A' silencers both the Single and Twin a sketch would be great help.

We need to keep this online forum website going - as my doctor told me - use it or loose it!

I am in court next Monday.

Thanks Stanley
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A Nut

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Hi Stan,
Jump in your car and drive over to Wotton (it can't be more than 2 miles) and bring your tape measure and you can measure mine (the silencer, that is!) I think mine is either the original that Gerry had rechromed or a very good copy. It is a spiral baffle type and I have an old one cut up so that you can see the construction of the baffle.


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Then you can go home via my place and compare your measurements with my repro silencer that I think I bought from Armours a few years back.
Going to Court? You haven't been speeding on that Douglas again have you?


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As an owner of 3 Dougli I can assure you that( until the imposition of 20 mph limits ) it is extremely difficult to speed on at least 2 of my Dougli and as I have never ventured on a dual carriageway on the third I dont know if I could reach illegal top speeds. Having said that I love them.

Bill Thomas

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Armours are showing "A" silencers on there web site,
Good price, I like dealing with them, Bournemouth, South UK.
Cheers Bill.