Series A Comet petrol tank colour?


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Can any Series A Comet members who have done resprays tell me the original colour red of the petrol tank when it left factory in 1937 as I am doing a rebuild of my machine.


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Can I bump this one back up to the top please?

I Know that an article was in MPH a while ago talking about the best paint to use for 'A' Tanks. Could anyone give me some more information on it please? Costs? Suppliers? Hints tips anything would be great.

Mine is currently cellulose based and as a result the combination of warmth and petrol on the way to the heaver rally had rather unpleasant reaction causing it to split! Hence this years winter project begins... repaint the tank in time for another summer of riding.


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Hi Arthur,
Since that is an English Ford colour and the US Ford Dealers here never heard of that color, what's chances of the Spares Company stocking some, so A owners can buy it off the shelf in pint tins? If not them, how about Conways?
Cheers, John

Arthur Farrow

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Excellent idea. BUT what type of paint etc etc. Suggest you ask Spares co or Conways!!

Lewis & templeton here in UK sprayed my tank in FORD IMPERIAL MAROON.

OR you could contact Vincent Speet in Holland who I sold my Comet to and who has the spare paint and can probably paint up a sample chip for you to COLOUR match if you ask him nicely and promise to have his babies.

Comet Rider

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Ford Imperial Maroon

Hi John,

5 minutes on the web came up with

Ditzler #2979

Try that at your local paint shop. (apparntly it is also a standard US colour from a 60's Crown Vic)



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Not to quibble, but I don't think we had Crown Vic's in the '60's. We had Galaxies. I think Jack Sears drove the 7 liter variety in saloon races in the UK. If the Cortinas didn't move over, he probably just crushed 'em.