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Seat Stay Location


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I was fortunate enough to recently acquire my first Vincent, a 1952 Series C Touring Rapide basket case, and I have now started on the journey to bring this wonderful machine back to life. So this is the first of which I expect will be many, many questions coming from me on how to do things.

For some reason at some point someone has removed the seat stays from the RFM (it's been off the road since 1964, so God only knows why someone would have done it or how they would be supporting whatever it was they were sitting on). In any case, I've fabricated some new stays and now I'm trying to determain the exact location to weld them back to the RFM. Can anyone give me some advice on the best way to determine the measurement of the location?




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Thanks Bruce, the guys I know from Vancouver are taking the long way home from the NA Rally in Colorado and are somewhere between Bonneville and the GP in Indiana... They won't be back until the end of the month and I'm hoping to get the weld done this week. However, if there is anyone else in Vancouver (or elsewhere) that wants to let me measure or give me a measurement, it would be most rightous.


Roger Barton

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I have in my possession a blue print of the Works Drawing assembly of the rear sub frame and the dimension given on it is 7 3/4 “ for a C and 5 3/4 " for a B
This dimension is from the rear cast lug bolt centre to the centre of the large hole in the lug .

Hope this helps


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That was from a quote from Daniel Boone, famous frontiersman. Someone asked him if he was ever lost and he replied never lost but that he had been a mite confused a few times.

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