sealed wheel bearings


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i can't seem to post a reply to the exisitng thread so here goes another way.
I've just completed fitting seals to my tapered rollers tonight. my hubs had spacers to pack the bearings out so i removed them and turned a bit of the axle spacing area moving the whole bearing units in a i got soem seals
193 131 31 measurements 1.930 in 1.310 in .310 in numbered D952 which have a double lip seal on them. i cut off the inner lip as it fouled with the bearing and shimmed up accordingly. factory shims were used to shim the bearings correctly with 5 thou end float and i made spacers up to set the brake plates correctly. I used the 09174 bearings maybe using the narrower 09167 ones one doesn't need to cut the inner seal off.
using a modern grade of high temp grease that wont liquefy [although in reality the wheels shouldn't get very hot at all] i'm picking this should be enough to keep the grease away from the brakes.
next job is to fit a seal in the speedo drive to prevent that grease escaping too