Screeching from a Comet Clutch ?


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Ho hum. Here I go again.
It seems that my graunching noise wasn't the timing idler after all, so I had a very very lucky catch with those.
The noise is definitely from the clutch, with the inspection plate off it is quite clear, and its the same whether I pull in the lever or not.
No noise on starting, but after a couple of blips its very loud. I _have_ heard this before, but I cant remember what caused it.
Hopefully someone else can though, please.
(Cant get any results searching for clutch noise)


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Might not be the clutch but the gear box. Awhile back I had some screeching noise coming from the box. The grease used to lube it cavitates and leaves things a bit dry. I poured in a small amount of oil and this thinned the grease down and allows it to flow a bit better. Page 85 of Richardson states that Burman boxes packed only with grease are known to develop screeches which can be cured with the addition of 1/4 liter of engine oil.