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Scale drawing of an Egli Frame


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Thanks again for the drawing Neil.
I had a look at a Slater-Egli yesterday and it has a few differences from the drawing.
The Slater Egli uses 1/16' wall x 7/8" OD tubing for all of the small tubes
Hartmut's drawing shows a change in tube size to 20 MM for the rear hoop with larger tubing used forward of that. From the drawing I cannot tell what size this slightly larger tubing is supposed to be. Any ideas?
Also, what wall thickness is generally used on the 4" oil tank tube?

I was unable to measure the wall thickness of the Slater Egli, and the owner was unwilling to allow me to drill a hole into it, even though I promised to weld it up somehow!
Peering in thru the oil filler neck it appears the 4" tube is thin walled, perhaps only 1/16" or so.
The frame weighed just 19lbs without swing arm.

I thought the swing arm was on the heavy side though, it weighs 14 lbs.
I'm thinking of using aluminium tubing for the swing arm or modifying an alloy Japanese swing arm to suit.



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I'm no Egli expert but as far as I know the original early Eglis had a connection under the front of the oil tank for the main oil feed. Later builders generally put this connection to the rear of the oil tank, more like a standard Vincent. I have a photograph of a John Mossey 'Egli' which had a very neat ideas. Here the rear down tube to the kick start side of the bike was used as the oil feed and had a banjo connection at the bottom to give a short run to the input to the oil pump. I am going to try to attach a copy of the picture to this message. If I fail then if anyone is interested email me directly and I can attach a copy to a personal email.



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I had an original egli EV in the teens number and one thing it did NOT have was a frame loop at the rear, it stoped after the S/A units.Bloddy good value for 78 quid new from Roger Slater who had the Egli dealership


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Hi Roger. I must have received that drawing, but it was on my long defunct email.
As I mentioned in our emails, I think I had 3 or 4 Egli drawings at one time, all quite different, so be careful with those.
In the end I made my own full size drawing. It wasn't hard to do, especially if you have access to a standard Vincent to measure from.
Watch out for the offset in the rear swing arm. There is a very neat symmetrical Egli swingarm drawing out there. It won't work, even with a skinny tires bike.
Dag can attest to this!
He warned me about that.