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San Jose, CA Bike Show


Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member

The quality of the restorations give them away; they are Roberts W's bikes.

Peter Barker
Bristol, UK.


Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Maybe not complicated, but just a few more parts than the post-war item. But, that is in the Vincent tradition to have many parts.


Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Hi Robert,
What was Marty doing in some of those Photos? Did they have him passing out Awards?
P.S......... when do I get to ride your your Series A's?:D
Cheers, John

Marcus Bowden

VOC Hon. Overseas Representative
VOC Member
John my handsome, if you can make it to the UK you can have a thrash round on "OLD HARRY", as Harry Cox who had three in his life time and my brother rode the second for several thousand miles before me then this Yank came over and bought it and nearly broke Harry when he saw it go. With in a couple of months he got his third and I've been it's main pilot (as that is what harry called us) along with John Waltham and a short stint by it's creator Phil Irving (on old MPH cover), it's certainly different and puts a lot of smiles on lots of faces.
It's like mentioning I've been an engineer on a bananaboat all my life, it never seems to fail to bring a mile to the ladies.
Happy as Harry,one apprenticeship, one bike make, one shipping company(under different names),one wife, one house and always happy with what I've
got, and get to ride all other types of machines as they want to try mine.


Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
An offer well worth taking up.

A couple of years ago Marcus brought "OLD HARRY" to a South West weekend meet and, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the VOC forced 60 of us to ride it on the same day.

That was the day I formed the Marcus Bowden Appreciation Society and I remain grateful for a ride on an exceptional machine.



Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Oh, Yes Please and thank you Marcus! I've had short rides on two A Twins and as Ian said, they are "an exceptional machine".... and if you make it to this area, you are certainly welcome to a thrash round on my A Comet (you too Ian). As for our covetous friend from just North of here, I will fart in his general direction.:cool:
Cheers, John
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