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Running cables under the tank


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VOC Member
Hi All,

Tank's off the Rapide for a few jobs, I know that the cable runs are critical, especially the front carb. I've read about using self adhesive cable ties to position the cables on the UFM before putting the tank back on but thought I would ask members if there is any other good advice to take on board?

Any tips gratefully received.

There is a little tapped hole on both sides of the UFM but drawing M063 does not show this or anything in there - I recall reading about later bikes having a cable tie in here - have I got something missing on mine?




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Cable clips

The reason you can't find the parts missing from diagram MO63 is that they appear on MO25 for Cables and Controls. They are FT184 and FT183.
Confusing, isn't it ?


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improved cables

one of the short comings of the throttle cable runs is at the carbs, where the cables try to lay horizontal instead of making a nice sweeping curve. Worse for me with 2 front heads on a C. If you are not a stickler for originality, I have had cables made with a 90 deg. curved steel tube at the top of the carb, typically the bend used on Tri...h cables at the twist grip end.

Vincent Brake

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Hi, when I did this work I diverted the front carb cable with a loop behind the UFM back to the front again, adv. are one can use a ordinary splitter (mounted rightside) and one can then zip up cabels very rigid so theres no playing around anymore


Vincent Brake

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