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Where Are You Now? RTG88 Series 'D' Rapide


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Another one for you.
RTG 88 is a 1955 Series D Rapide and seen in this photo at the 1977 Riders Rally in the UK.
Note the fire extinguisher at the back end and the air horns. Maybe you recognise the people?
According to the DVLA (UK) it was last taxed in the UK in 1988 and was Red in colour.
Where are you now?

RTG 88.jpg


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That Rally was at Rousham house in Oxfordshire ( I was there) I remember because Ray Elgar let me take his twin up the nearby main road (thats the twin he beat all the modern bikes with in Holland after riding it there and back) riding that sort of machine does make an event stick in the memory:eek: I looked it up in old MPH and it was in May 1977 perhaps that will jog someones memory as they may have been a little less preoccupied than me at the time
Of coursein the 70,s many members were racing and High Speed Trialing if any of these bikes were photoed on track the racing number would lead to the name of the owner in the program just a thought