rocker gaskets & washers


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Can anyone tell me what size the copper washers (ET189) on the rocker feed bolts should be?
I had a weep from one of the washers (also ET189 on my parts list) this weekend and decided to take the whole rocker feed off and replace all the washers.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the copper ones in my box of spares and had to clean up and reuse the old ones. When I cleaned them and put them on the setpins, the outside diameter is a bit bigger than across the corners of the setpin (ET188), but the inside diameter is probably 2 mm bigger than the thread. I expected them to be a close fit on the thread, have I got the wrong washers, or have they got a big clearance for a reason?


Ps while changing these, I noticed my reflection in the petrol tank, and I looked very old. Is it just mine, or has everyone else’s petrol tank distorted over the years? I blame this new petrol!!


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Howard, dont bother with the copper washers etc. get a set of Neal Videans "Oil Leak Eliminators", from Vince Farrell and say goodbye to oil leaks and weeps.



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At the very least heat the washers to cherry red and drop them in cold water to aneal then