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Road Tax

Graham Smith

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1. Does anyone know how much 12 months' road tax for 1000cc motorcycles used to be back in 1951?

2. Would it be the same price for a 500cc?

I'm guessing it might be written on an old tax disc if anyone has one going back that far?


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Go to the guy who makes replica road tax discs he made me one for my 52Trophy with the rate ,date of registration and post office in oxford where it was registered (I told him the last three items) got to do something with the tax disc holder after November.
Thankyou Oxfordcouncil for saving the records and eternal damnation on the authorities that scrapped them - they are not worthy to talk about history


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the best I can do for the twin, is £1/7/6. but this is dated much later, 1957. It went up to an amazing £2/4/o, in 1960.

Cheers John H
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