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Road Tax for my Meteor

Graham Smith

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I've just been issued with an MOT for my Meteor, and as it's insured, I went to the DVLA's website to apply for my road tax.

Unfortunately, it won't let me do it, and it says that I need to go to a Post Office.

When I look at the taxation class on the registration document, it says that it's a 'Bicycle' as opposed to 'Historic Vehicle' as per my Comet.

Does anyone know how I go about getting my Registration Document changed to Historic Vehicle status, and then get a tax disc issued?

In case it matters, the Meteor hasn't had road tax since about 1980, that's why it's still registered as a Bicycle.

Graham Smith

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I had the same problem, sorted at the PO, no problemo

I had a trawl round on the DVLA's website, and from what I understand, I need to go to my local DVLA centre with my Registration Document, Insurance, MOT and form V10, then they will change the taxation class from Bicycle to Historic Vehicle.

Jock - are you saying you didn't have to go to the local DVLA centre, and you did the whole process at the Post Office.

It'll certainly save me a pile of aggro if I could do it all at the Post Office, as the DVLA centre's only open one day per month!


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Taxing a bicycle

Hi Graham,

If you want the Meteor on the road straight away, go back to the post office and tax it, paying as you would for a modern bike. Then you can you send your V5 back to DVLC at your leisure to change the taxation class and claim a refund on any road fund licences bought for this machine since it should have become exempt.
Download Vehicle licence refund - form V14 (PDF, 221K)

Alternatively apply by post for a change of taxation class (in writing and by circling the relevant alterations on your V5c) and at the same time apply for a road fund licence by sending MoT and Insurance certificate with a V10 form.
Download 'Vehicle licence application' (V10) (PDF, 198K)

When I put my Comet back on the road they sent me the tax disc within about four days using this method.

Hope this helps
Cheers, Ian
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Vic Youel

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One chap I know has retained the "bicycle" class and pays road tax accordingly for one of his bikes. He is of the opinion that eventually all the "historic" class vehicles will eventually have increasing restrictions placed on their use.

Who could possibly think that the UK/:EU government would plot such a conspiracy?

Vic :rolleyes:

Graham Smith

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Incase anyone else has to do this...

Sally went to the local DVLA office this morning, and has managed to change my Meteor over from a Bicycle to a Historic Vehicle.

She tried to change my Black Shadow as well, but in order to do it, the bike MUST be MOTd and insured, so they wouldn't do the Shadow.

Quite a painless exercise really!
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