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Howdy chaps,

I had an opportunity…..or a potential disaster waiting to unfold, when I carefully courted the widow of a chap who’d had a disassembled Shadow tucked away in his garage for over 30 years. The price of admission would have been a deal breaker to most under the circumstances and there was no reviewing the goods beforehand. I was informed that I should be there at exactly 10:30 on a Saturday morning and be prepared to pull the trigger immediately before she had second thoughts.

As you can see at my site, the initial impression was far from encouraging. But, on the strength of a claimed Rip rebuild I pulled a spark plug and found a barely sooted standard size piston facing me and a glowing bore with fresh cross hatch still visible. Removing the timing cover revealed the inscribed Rebuilt 6/77 W.I.Tragle below, I turned the motor through viewing the flywheels through the vent port - this motor had stood in water as indicated by a stain line several inches up the side of the primary cover – and they shone as new and it was smooth as silk.

I had carefully read nearly every Chicago STOP dating back to 1976 in order to get a history on this machine beforehand. In it was a superb article written by Rip here on timing chest setup during the time my motor was being rebuilt that I'd not forgotten. I’d like to think the subject of that article was mine. This is the only motor “rebuilt by others” in a machine I’ve bought in the last 40 years I did not elect to redo from the bottom up. 32 years later its rebuild finally hit the road where it belonged and it has been an absolute delight since, aluminum idler gear and all. We leave Saturday to ride for 4 days in the Smokey Mountains on it.


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