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Results Mecum 2019 Las Vegas Auction


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There are 13 Vincents in the auction.
Perhaps the majority of bidders held off to see how that first one would sell.
A good friend of mine who buys and sells bakery equipment told me one of his rules for auction buying- if multiple items of one type are on offer, try to get the first one, it will be the cheapest. If the auction house offers to let the bidder have the rest at this price ( they often do on small stuff), then take the works.
He's learned that most bidders hold off as long as possible, always thinking things will go cheaper at the end. Almost every time it goes the other way!

An old auctioneer mate put me on to this 20 years ago. Just watch at the next auction you attend to see how often he is right!


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An old auctioneer mate put me on to this 20 years ago. Just watch at the next auction you attend to see how often he is right!
That works sometimes. When the bike is very rare or has some serious provenance you don't have that window. I bought a 1956 Maico Blizzard a few years ago. Not one has been sold at auction for decades (if ever) in Australia. What value? I said less than a Metralla but maybe more than an early OSSA/ Montessa. I think I was on the money there. Several hours fixing a very expensive but poor restoration. Followed by several enjoyable rallies and Best In Show Awards. Then there was a very nice 1969 Suzuki T250. Again, almost no previous purchases to gauge it. Perversely it is much easier to set prices for Vincents. They may cost a lot more than the Suzuki but it is much easier to see the "going rate". At the moment it is all about "originality" plus some shine. There are lots of people out there who paid too much for their Vincent ten years ago who are laughing. For those of us who bought our bikes over thirty years ago it really doesn't matter. Too bloody hot to ride at the moment though.