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Restoring a '47 Rapide in Argentina


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Hello all:

I am restoring a Vincent Rapide
Engine Nr: F10 AB 1 1078 & frame Nr: R2978

This is a new project for me and I would appreciate if you can recomend me a parts shop that can supply me with the pieces we will be needing. Fortunatelly the bike is a good 8/9 points. However we will disasemble it completelly and take it to a full 10 points original. Thank you!


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Robert Watson

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Intersting photo. A new project to the poster yet a partly built or perhaps partly dis-assembled B Rap appears in the background??


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COme visit

Sure Nobby; come over and we can go out in one of my vintage motorcycles.

I have a Sunbeam S7 1947, a rare Raleigh 800CC 1924, a BSA Golden Flash and a 1947 indian Chief. And of course the HRD.

The guy I bought the HRD is restoring a set of 5 machines he bough in an auction some years ago. I believe he still has a couple to finish and sell. I paid U$S 38.000 for mine.

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