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Renwick Vincent Mounts Sidecar World Land Speed Record Challenge.


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John Renwick and his international team seek to prove that 60 year old technology, deployed strategically, can beat today’s superbike technology, with a Vincent engine in a modern aerodynamic sidecar streamliner.

Materials OPTIMIZATION Ltd., a New Zealand company, has undertaken the tasks of designing and fabricating the high tech composite fairing that will provide the aerodynamic streamlining necessary for such a record attempt. The company’s experience with aerodynamic and racing technology as well as the high tech prototyping and fabrication facility make the project a good showcase for their expertise. Mat Op has committed to the project because it is good to challenge expected results with extraordinary effort.

Mat OP has committed to the design and fabrication of the streamline shell and in an effort to minimise any costs to the team, has commissioned “The Run”, a pastel artwork by famous New Zealand Artist David Barker. The artwork is a montage presenting the Vincent Side Car attempting the record at Bonneville in 2008.

A limited edition of five hand signed, framed and numbered prints of “The Run” on parchment stock (50cm W x 40cm H) are available for significant sponsorship towards the costs of the fairing. Due to the limited nature of the prints, the first five sponsors of NZD $5,000.00, or more, will receive a signed print in order of receipt. A small number of unsigned prints are also available at a reduced rate for a donation of NZD$2000.00 towards the project.

Signed print sponsors will have their company logo on the record attempt machine. If a key sponsor wants to design the graphics of the record vehicle around their personal or company needs, this exclusive offer is available for additional sponsorship above the signed print level.

Contact Mark Hildesley, the Director of Materials OPTIMIZATION,
by phone: (+64) 9 424 5421,
e-mail: markhildesley@matopt.com
For further project information, go to: http://www.matopt.com and navigate to the “gallery” section.


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