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Hey Guys, I am hoping to purchase a bike that was imported to Canada in 1965 and never registered. The fellow died and now his son is selling the bike. Does anybody have any idea of what I may need to transfer the title into my name? Would also like to register and license it. Any suggestions.




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As far as I know, all you have to do is swear out an affidavit, get the sellers son to write out something to support it. It will also be important that you register the bike as a Vintage or Antique motorcycle - In other words don't let them make you register it as a 2013 Vincent...


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Ask your Motor Vehicles branch. The Yukon used to have a form to fill out: Affidavit of Ownership. Its for use when a previous registration is either non-existent or so long expired that its before they computerized their records. In the Yukon, the bike has to be insured before you can register it, which is a pain in the lower back, because my insurer didn't want to insure a bike that wasn't on the road. Fortunately I've been insuring bikes longer than most of my brokers have been alive.

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On the other side of the country it goes like this.

Give the Frame Number (or the engine number has worked as well) to ICBC (Gov't insurance and handles all the vehicle paperwork) and ask for a title search. Obviously if it is from out of province it will show a blank. Swear out an Affidavit stating where you got it, and other pertinent facts, ie it was disassembled, and I bought $xxx.xx parts from these suppliers, such as VOC, British Cycle etc. and enclose any bill of sale or previous title papers, even a copy of the works order form . If you have an out of Province title, they want to make sure that taxes have been paid when it gets registered in the Province, so if possible have a bill of sale for it coming into the province. I wouldn't think of telling you where to obtain this from ;). They then send back paperwork which you take to your local agent and give you registration (title). Here is where you make sure they have done so with the numbers and date you think are correct. Now it is registered in the system, they may want to inspect it and it must be assembled for this to happen. Just did this with a Vincent that we built starting with a set of cases.


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Or you can do like I did, create my own V.I.N. for a shopbuilt bike, only to learn from the ICBC search that a UHaul trailer registered in Ontario has the same V.I.N.
That stopped the works for awhile!