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Reflective Safety Vests in France

Prosper Keating

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
Non-VOC Member
I was just reading the thread at http://www.vincentownersclub.co.uk/forum/showpost.php?p=5440&postcount=1 about the new French law making it obligatory to wear reflective safety vests in the event of a breakdown. As I was unable to respond in that thread, I have had to start this new one to reassure visitors to France that this law does not apply to motorcyclists. It only applies to drivers of cars, vans, trucks and other four-wheeled vehicles, plus, one presumes, any passengers wishing to wander about in the dark instead of sitting comfortably in their broken-down vehicle.

Don Canard

Ian Savage

VOC Vice President
VOC Member
Reflective vests

At the risk of repeating myself my post was concerning riding a motorcycle not standing by a broken down one.

Just spotted this in the VMCC Journal in the Legislation stecion.

"In france from the 1st Sept all motorcyclists must ware a reflective (CE marked) waistcoat at night or in poor visibillity when outside built-up areas."

I have not been able to confirm this so far, no mention on AA website.

Ian Savage

VOC Vice President
VOC Member
Reply from Don


I can't respond to threads for some reason, even in my own topics. I think the VMCC may have misunderstood the legislation. None of the bikers here in France have heard of this requirement for reflective vests to be worn whilst riding at night in rural areas.



Tnecniv Edipar

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Long way from the France of the '80's and upto mid '90's. They had such a relaxed approach to traffic laws , I remember blasting through deserted villages in the middle of the day on my Ducati NCR rep and if there were any Gendarmes they either didn't react or actually waved enthusiastic encouragement !! Those were the days !!

Prince Duster

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
French vests

Maybe we would be better to paint our bikes, as well as us, bright yellow, or perhaps orange? Rather than that hard-to-spot black? That way, no-one would ever fall off. Or get run over. Or run out of petrol.
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