Intercoms Recommendation please - simple rider to passenger intercom system for multiple bikes


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I have the Scala headset that is supplied with a TomTom Rider 2 GPS. The version 1 Rider used a cheaper headset of another brand. According to the reviews, it was nearly useless at speed, even though the volume output of the GPS increases with speed.
I have used the Scala in all kinds of situations including M1 in the UK and on Freeways in Canada and the US. It has always worked a treat. We bought the unit in the UK for use at the 2007 IOM rally and for the after tour. On the first day of usage, we used the GPS to zig zag diagonally thru Manchester, first time riding in the UK. Directions came thru loud and clear. Good thing too, without the GPS and Scala headset we would still be stuck in Manchester!
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Hi Stuart
I've recently changed from a hard wired Starcom system to a Scala G4 based system.

Points to note;
1/ You have about a 10 hour talk time available, so will have to remember to charge each day
2/ The Scala systems use the new micro USB style cables, that are now being adopted by all mobile manufacturers except Apple
3/ With the G4 the volume from the supplied speakers does get distorted at higher volumes
On my setup I have moulded inner ear speakers, and have modified the Scala mounting plate to give me a stereo socket. This has overcome the distortion problems.
4/ You can get effective bike to bike ranges of upto 1 mile without problems.

The G9 system has better speakers, but there have been production problems with the helmet mounting bases.

I got my setup from a guy in Italy via eBay, and saved nearly £150 over UK list prices..


Thanks Neil, all comments extremely helpful and I am grateful. I placed a query on the Scala website (USA) and they organised a support call for me today (at their cost) and talked me through the various options....not unsurprisingly the G9 (most expensive) is the best option in case of future growth potential. The G4 and the G9 have the inbuilt RDS FM radio which the TeamPRO does not, and the G4 and G9 can do bike to if Trinity decides to ride her own bike when she grows up then we could use it for bike to bike intercom - equally you can pair the G4 and G9 with other riders to do bike to bike. The G9 can be paired with, wait for it, up to 9 total!!!. Only problem then is I would need to find 8 friends which may prove challenging for me!
The key differences between the G4 and G9 I understand are slightly better quality sound on the G9 as you suggest PLUS the microphone system on the G9 comes with two options as standard in the box. You can have the boom microphone or you can unplug it and have a wired microphone - so it can fit into all helmets types. The G4 comes with the boom microphone permanentely fitted - so you don't have that option to change.
So I'm very impressed with the service from the call centre so far.
Interestingly to your comment Neil - completely unsolicitied the guy in the States said that if I was thinking of buying one he would recommend buying it from an approved service centre dealership as Scala were currently looking at the whole question of whether they would honour any warranty claims from units sold over the internet (he mentioned ebay). I said that I had found a Norfolk dealership claiming to be a full Scala dealer offering the G9 2 set at £50 below MRRP. He urged me not to buy over the ebay route. Interesting.
Will keep you posted on progress, I think I am going for the G9 set when I have ebyed a few Vincent spares I have had lurking around........
Thanks very much Neil.
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