Intercoms Recommendation please - simple rider to passenger intercom system for multiple bikes


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Hiya Graham,

Thanks for that, I knew you had had a good experience but couldn't locate the email recommendation. However, I do like the look of Autocom and still have a system from them from 20 years ago hard wired on my CBR1000FL that Lorraine and I went to Gibraltar and back on.

I like the look of the wireless system them offer. There is a Bridge Street Cycles in Devon who will sell me one for £380 so far.

However, last of the big spenders, I saw this on ebay and could not resist giving it a try -Item number: 280644532862 for just £12.20 delivered. It arrived this afternoon and looks fine and works well at the dinner table lol.

Trinity and I are going to give it a try and we shall see - it will at least give us a taste for an intercom with luck before I spend the money.

Thanks again - see you soon.


I bought a StarCom on the recommendation of Glyn and Marion Baxter.

Works fine for Joshua and I and the unit is pretty small, so I can can put it in my jacket pocket if I'm not using my tank bag.

I've not bothered 'hard wiring' it onto the bike, as like you, I want to be able to use it on other machines.

Give me a shout if you'd like any further information.


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You must have money to burn, Stuart! You could have bought the same thing as item 280639140284 for half the price!



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Bear with me SkiDemon, unfortunately that horribly inconvenient thing called work is getting in the way this week and weekend - will update the Frum as soon as I've tried it.

We've put the batteries in and sat in the garage talking to each other lol........

I don't have too high expectations for my £12 (and it could have been half!!!!!!!! - from Hong Kong) but it looks well made and works so far.

Lots cheaper than £400 - but of course it won't be anywhere hear as good, I'm confident - different class.



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Thanks Stuart, I understand the work thing. I'm in the market for one myself and you never know, it must just do the trick.

Cheers, Ian

Tom Gaynor

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I bought an Autocom, for bike to bike although it can be used "intra-bike". It has a range approaching a kilometer. The big advantage, not immediately obvious, is that the mic is voice operated, so a scream of "look out" merely switches the mic on, without scaring the rider into voiding his, well, you know. I came to appreciate this...

The protocol is "Hello Ian and keep talking" with the first two words lost in transmission. The other end hears only "and keep talking". One can use it to make and receive calls from/to a mobile, which I did once - receive - as an experiment. It worked well, no worse than in a car, although I wouldn't like to try making a call.

We don't use one on the Vin. Madame finds a simple, low-tech kidney punch gets my attention...

Alan J

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Mine is an Autocom -7-Advance-but it is probably out of date!! I can use the 9 volt batteries or on my Vincent I fitted a 12 to 9 volt converter.


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Afternoon All,
I've been spurred on by booking to take my daughter to the TT next year to get the whole intercom thing sorted.
I've looked at products by Midland, Autocom, Starcom and Scala.

On the basis of simplicity to fit, use on multiple machines not requiring hard wiring or fitting of "hubs" and one or two recommendations I think I have settled on a Scala system

I'm looking for specific advice now from users of Scala systems for feedback. I am looking at three products, TeamPro, G4 and G9 - haven't yet plumped for one (G9 being the most expensive).

I'd be keen to hear views from members specifically on Scale products and more specifically on these three products from their range if there are any VOC members out there using the kit?

Comet Rider

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Hi Stuart
I've recently changed from a hard wired Starcom system to a Scala G4 based system.

Points to note;
1/ You have about a 10 hour talk time available, so will have to remember to charge each day
2/ The Scala systems use the new micro USB style cables, that are now being adopted by all mobile manufacturers except Apple
3/ With the G4 the volume from the supplied speakers does get distorted at higher volumes
On my setup I have moulded inner ear speakers, and have modified the Scala mounting plate to give me a stereo socket. This has overcome the distortion problems.
4/ You can get effective bike to bike ranges of upto 1 mile without problems.

The G9 system has better speakers, but there have been production problems with the helmet mounting bases.

I got my setup from a guy in Italy via eBay, and saved nearly £150 over UK list prices..