Rear wheel sprockets !


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My comet is fitted with a 46T sprocket, which is not helping its top speed or acceleration :(
Does anyone have a 48T surplus to requirements, or would like to exchange one for my 46T ?


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Maughan and son or Coventry Spares Sell them and they are not allot of $

Best Eugene.

Yes, they do. I don't know if they stock them in aluminum or odd tooth sizes, but I used to buy the aluminum stock sprockets from Sprocket Specialists in the US. Sometimes they would have trouble with the counter-bore. A sketch with dimensions should help. This was years ago and they may know the Vincent dimensions now. I ordered from them one time and the sales woman said the Vincent did no have a counter-bore. That was when I made an adapter and used stock Suzuki sprockets which I now order by part number. I have them in 1 tooth increments from 42 to50 and 2 tooth increments to 56, which gives a lot of flexibility.