rear springing


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What are the prefered springs for a solo Comet?
1) standard Vincent.
2) Peteford spring.
What would be the increase in seat hight with Peterford springs fitted.


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Derek, if you have the standard set up & not a fully sprung conversion then you have quite a number of choices. There were 3 types of springs originally, Comet, Rapide & side-car. You can mix & match to obtain what
spring rate suits you. You can also use dampers with varying rates of damping which will also affect your ride. Another alternative is the Thornton system but then it comes down to how much you ride the bike & how much you want to spend. I may be wrong here but I always thought the Petteford springs worked best on fully sprung machines, no doubt someone will put me right on that score. If you have a fully sprung bike then the weight of the rider is a far more important factor when selecting springs.


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Albervin is correct about the springs, but I the Comet springs are very rare. I am partial to the Thornton, but with the Thornton range, I would opt for the coil over unit. It is adjustable for ride height and I have dyno tested the dampers and I do not believe there is anything superior. I made a coil over shock for the back of my Grey Flash ten years ago before they were available from Thornton and I am still using it today.