Rear seat stay assembly FT94S

Restoration Man

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I am in the process of reassembling this item after taking it apart for plating & polishing etc. All has gone well, except for trying to refit the spring loaded 1/4" ball and back into the alloy clamp FT94. It would appear that you need at least 3 hands to do the job! i.e. to push the ball down against the spring, hold a punch against the top edge of the hole and a third to hit the punch to indent the hole to retain the ball! Any suggestions please.
many thanks Restoration Man

greg brillus

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First tip, don't hit the punch too hard......Deep indents will jam the ball too deep down the hole. I use an automatic center punch, whilst the alloy housing is clamped between soft jaws (or wrap a rag around it) and holding the ball in with the blade of a screw driver, then pop in three places equally around the hole and close to the edge. You don't need deep punch marks, as you want the ball sticking out above the top surface, or else its function will be lost. Cheers......Greg.