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Re Ship


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Just putting this out there, there are some items on Ebay.UK that the seller will only ship to a U.K. address. I'm in Canada. If I bid, and win, is there someone in the U.K. that I can have the item shipped to (it's a dynamo, complete) and then have you ship it to me in Canada. Of course it would be paid for to your address, and then I'd pay you to ship it to me. I can also add a gratuity. Just putting this out there. Thanks in advance, Alyson


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
I am in the Uk and could also help if required. PM me for my private address if needed. I ship stuff all over most of the world on a regular basis when supplying modified steering heads etc.
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Marcus Bowden

VOC Hon. Overseas Representative
VOC Member
Being your overseas representative I think it part of the responsibilities I have and do it quite often for KiWi friends. So take your pick my dear.


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Thank You Everyone for your lovely support. I did put my bid in but did not win. I will keep this in mind for next time, and, if anyone outside of Canada needs similar assistance, I'm also here to help. Again, Thanks !!! Alyson

Graham Smith

VOC Hon. Editor
VOC Member
VOC Forum Administrator
VOC Forum Moderator
I've used the VOC Worldwide Courier Service on many occasions courtesy of John Ulver, Steve Ebbs, Robert Watson (and probably others).

It's a cheap, efficient and trusted service!


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
I wonder why this guy is worried about exports from UK. It is only when importing goods you have to deal with customs so why does he care ?
This may be different in USA as there seem to be concerns about anything like doenuts or Stetsons which might be used for terrorism against the States so even exporting anything from there is eyed onto by some administration ?? I do no longer buy from US if I can help it as often p&p is outrageous , possibly due to hassles the seller gets from showing that no military aspects are concerned - weird . . . .


Vincent Brake

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Vic, accept.
Its just cos the man doesn't bother to go the extra yard in the mile....
Many out there..
Maybe he was hurt as met an buyer with complaints...

Ian Savage

VOC Vice President
VOC Member
Product liability insurance treat USA and Canada as one market and is a very expensive addition. VOCSC has always had this cover hence why we can be a bit more expensive than some smaller traders.
PS Alyson, if you want VOCSC can help you.
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Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
In the USA and try and get a part for your Douglas or your Scott from the owners club spares scheme you will find calling on fellow UK club members to ship is a way of life.
Those who build or maintain just a Vincent in the UK or elsewhere do not know how lucky they are, I have just had a 43% success rate on new parts for a 52 Triumph they probably made more bikes in a year than Vincent in five years and the parts I wanted were parts that did not include the engine.
Oh and you have to know your stuff some pattern parts are rubbish, count your blessings guys


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Powersports won't sell me a 5 speed. Lindsley wouldn't sell me lucas HT pickups. I get it all the time.

"We don't ship to America"

"I'm in Canada"

"We don't ship to North America"

Indeed, very frustrating. VMCC refuses to ship to US or Canada as well.

I wonder about the actual liability risk. Under what US law could a foreign vendor, with no presence in the US, be sued? How would an adverse court decision be enforced and compensation collected? Any US lawyers on the forum?

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