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Rapide wanted!

Phil Baker

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Non-VOC Member
Hey ho! The Basingstoke Comet is finished and running :D - just a little tinkering with the carburation still ongoing as it's been running a bit rich. After dropping the needle to its highest slot I still can't get the speed up over 58mph although the performance is a lot smoother now and no 8-stroking, misfiring etc. Think the needle is wrong - 4 slot in there at the moment..... Stumpy's looking for a 5-slot that I can borrow to see if that makes a difference.

HOWEVER ..... I have really enjoyed the process and, unfortunately for my wallet, have got the Vincent bug. I always wanted a twin and so does everyone, I suppose. But if anyone has parts of a 1000cc engine or a whole Rapide in bits or just needing loving restoration then please contact me on phil@pgbf.freeserve.co.uk or 07768 105456 and if I succeed in getting hold of one I'll pay it the same respect as the Comet has received.

And no, I'm afraid the Comet is not up for sale - I just love that bike and can't even think of selling it!!

Thanks for listening (or, technically, reading...)!



Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
You can get medication to combat Vincentitis! It is a large pill of reality washed down by a draught of Bank Manager's gloom. Resist for as long as possible and you will end up a very happy/confused/poor/frustrated individual.
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