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Misc: Everything Else Rapide C Speedo drive


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Among the many things I should know but don't yet...at lower end of Speedo drive cable is a square to flat converter.
Is this part of gearbox or cable? Should it be attached to either?

Robert Watson

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It basically just sits loose with the spade into the gear box and the cable into the square hole. There is a little brass ring crimped on the top end of the cable that holds is from slipping further down into the spade adaptor.


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This doohickey (as my Shadow hasn't had a speedo cable fitted in decades). The rhs of this piece slides into the bottom of your speedo cable, until the ring is up against the flat of the ferrule that is attached to the bottom of the outer cable housing.


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If you think about it the speedo cable has to flex on many installations and therefore it is important that there is some room to allow the inner to not just rotate but also to take up any longitudinal change in length. If the brass ferule at the top rests on the top of the outer then there has to be somewhere for the inner to move up and down or in and out. The little gadget shown sits with the circlip on top of the lower right angled drive and so there needs to be some clearance for the inner to move in and out of the square part of the part shown. Is this correct?
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