Raipde Standard Clutch Overhaul


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I've just spent somewhere around £600 on bits to overhaul my Rapide clutch and have bought:

New shoe assembly x 2 (inc springs, plungers etc)
New bolts/shoe pivots
New 'tie bars' and pivot pins
New inner and outer metal plates
New friction plate
New springs
New centre spring
Centre bush

Hopefully this will give me a nice non-grabby clutch (it's certainly given me an empty wallet!). I've read everything I can find regarding the Vincent clutch, and I understand how it works, but if anyone has any tips or info before I start I would be most grateful, particularly regarding the following couple of points:
I'm hoping that the Spares Co clutch shoe plungers/springs are set up correctly. Has anyone else fitted these, and did they work well?
Also what kind of sealant would you recommend for the splines? (available in the UK)
Any other hints or advice will be welcome.


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Hi John,
The recent MPH contains an article on fitting an o-ring to the inside of the shoe carrier splines. This should eliminate the need for any dragon snot on assembly.
I turned up a brass ring and pressed this into the shoe carrier seal housing (making sure i had minimal clearance to the clutch shaft threads. I then turned the inside of the clutch nut out sufficiently to take an o-ring which is pressed against my pressed in brass ring on assembly.
This also works.
ref assembly of the standard clutch, as long as the toggle links are situated correctly (as everything is new, you´ll notice if not) everything should be good.
Make sure you chamfer the leading edges of each friction lining on the shoes (if not already done).