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Pushrod Tube Gland Nuts ET127


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Can any one confirm if these nuts should be a taper thread?

Just checking mine and they are tapered thread inch OD 20 tpi unplated brass

Know Thy Beast give the screw thread form but no mention of them being tapered.

Have I got a rogue set or were they originally a taper thread to allow for miss alignment errors?




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First many thanks for all of your help. I thought I had discovered another fine point of Vincent engineering but it appears that I had a set of poorly manufactured of gland nuts.

This was my first use of the forum so again thank you for your replies

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Gland nuts ET127

I find that it pays to check that the counterbores in the gland nuts are large enough to allow for the mis-alignment which occurs with varying cylinder muff length. I usually open out the counterbores as a matter of course,

Roy Cross

Nigel Spaxman

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To clean up an internal thread 20 TPI I use an old 1/4-20 UNC tap. I grind the end so it is flat not tapered. Put a handle on it and you can use it as a hand scraper. Usually the damaged threads are the ones near the outside. Use a bit of oil. mount the head solidly to the work bench and use the scraper by following the thread around. You do about 30 degrees of the thread and then move around to the 6 other spots.

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