Puddle Jumper and Twin Plug heads


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We ran twin plug heads on my Egli and it was one of the best mods we made. As somebody mentioned (cometrider, I think) you can retard the ignition by a good chunk, the 10° he mentioned sounds about right.

We used Lucas Rita ignition and initially Kawasaki dual coils, before swapping to some American racing units, whose name I've forgotten!

It sounds as though it might be worth your while to try and track down the copies of MPH where Ian Hamilton describes the whole story of the developement of the Egli in his series "How to wear out a Vincent, faster". It covers everything you've been asking recently (and a great deal more besides) in great detail. If you don't have them yourself, maybe somebody can lend you them. I think he started writing them about 1997, the year we took second place in the BEARs series (and the year before the Daytona outing).
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