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Would you make use of a Photo Posting facility?

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Graham Smith

All being well, in a few months time, we plan to introduce the facility which will enable you to post all your Vincent related photographs directly onto this website, so everyone can enjoy them. This is known as Photo Posting.

How it would work is as follows:
1. Go to your rally/meet and, using your digital camera, snap away taking as many or as few photos as you'd like.
2. Get home, log-on to this forum and then upload your photos.

It really is as easy as that. As you've already registered, they'll be no further details to enter. It's incredibly easy to get the hang of.

The great thing about it, is that you don't have to send the images to me, then get me to post them up onto the website - which is obviouly time intensive for me. The whole thing is automatic - you post them yourself. You can add comments and titles etc, so it'll be easy for someone to search for say a particular rally or type of bike.

All the photos will be viewable by everyone in a gallery, so it'll be possible for Members in the UK to see photos of events that take place in Australia, New Zealand and USA and visa versa - shortly after the events actually take place. The need for the Photo of the Day facility on the homepage will become redundant, as a random set of images from the gallery will appear everytime you log-in.

There are some costs involved with bringing you this additional facility, but we hope to cover this by introducing a small amount of advertising.

Now, don't worry - you won't be plagued by offers of Viagra, Penis Extensions, Russian Brides etc. They will be strictly limited to the sort of advertisements that already appear in MPH (ie The VOC Spares Company Ltd, VinParts and Conways etc). A couple of our existing advertisers have already shown a keen interest in advertising on our forum.

Hopefully this new facility will be popular, and it'll be a great way of keeping an on-line photographic record of our Club and machines for future generations.

If you think you'd make use of this facility (either posting the photos or just looking at them), make sure you vote on this poll so I can gauge opinion.

I look forward to hearing any comments you may about the plans...
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Vic Youel

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Can you say a little about maximum digital size of images; also what about videos?

Will it be possible to download other people's snapshots? How about copyright issues?

Lastly, is the quality and content control likely to be arduous on the web master?


Graham Smith

Hi Vic

There will be two versions of photos held on the system. Thumbnail size for the gallery and a higher resolution/larger version for when you want to view the actual image properly.

You'll be able to upload any size of photo you want, as the forum software will take care of it and resample/re-size it to the correct resolution (depending on what I set it to). This whole operation is transparent and is done in the background without you having to get involved.

It will be possible to download other people's images, but then again, they'll only be relatively low-resolution and in any case, you can go onto any site on the internet and download their images without any problems. My answer to that would be that if you have any images that you don't want people getting their hands on - don't upload them!

I'm not sure about copyright issues at the moment, but this is obviously something we'd get clarification on before we go live.

I hope this answers your questions.
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