previous owner of black knight 10965


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previous owner of black knight

Hello to all fellow bike enthusasts
I just aquired two vincents and one originally was owned and operated in England for most of its life.
In 61 ronald knight is on the registration.
I want to know when this bike lost its knighthood and turned into its present shadowy self, and if the engine has been modified as well.
I have a lot of old invoices which apparently show the shadow parts being bought at harpers, but no work orders, just parts invoices.
bike was registered in hertfordshire, nuneaton, hemel hempstead.
anyone out there have any info on this lovely old bike?

the bike was sold to a collector and sent to malta and then on to canada where it rests at present.

I am a member
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Hi Aaronabutt.
If the number you gave is the engine No. it dates from 1955 You can check if it was an enclosed bike from the prefix letters on the frame. F for Black Knight, B/F for Black Prince, in case it was an open `D` Rapide/Shadow.
Be careful of showing Nos. on this site as it is Public access.
Cheers, DJ
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looking for these previous owners of the 55 black knight

Thanks for your reply
the bike is registered as 1955 with the VOC registrar.
/F on the upper frame denoted a black knight.

but it was changed so early on that I'd like to know what happened to the original fairing. If it was in an accident or just deemed 'butt ugly' and taken off. THat's what I would have done as well.

heres the info from the registration in england

registration # XTP 172
date of reg 10 may 1961

original owner ronald knight from cosahne portsmouth
1st change to fernliegh curtis newtound road nuneaton
2nd herbert heritage abbey st nuneaton
3rd frank brown hemel hempstead (hobbs hill rd)

does anyone know these people? I would like to contact them to inquire about the history of the bike. I figure some of the voc members must remember some of these guys.

Im naive perhaps, please tell me why I shouldnt give the engine # out? I thought noone could mess with vin numbers?